How to avoid Microsoft Office 365 Activation Scam?

This easy to read guide will help you to spot Microsoft Office Activation Scam.

I’ll do my best to explain in simple words 🙂

Microsoft Office Activation Scam is related to the “office com setup” keyword string.

Whenever anyone types “” in a search engine, it is automatically converted into a string or we can say broken down in 3 words “office com setup

Office Com Setup
Keyword: Office Com Setup

It’s frustrating for the users but highly rewarding for the imposter who invest their time in getting customers though the organic means.

Let’s get to the bottom of it…

How to Avoid Microsoft Office 365 Activation Scam?

When the users type “” in a Google search, it returns the search results with misleading websites, exactly what you see below !

Searching Search

The problem is simply created out of one wrong search, which is an opportunity for scammers.

So, Let’s dig it with the same search to spot those misleading websites;

Microsoft Office Setup - Keyword SEO
Microsoft Office Setup – Keyword SEO

Even though Microsoft has an easy to access support channels but the problem still remains with how users are attempting to activate Office 365.

Solution is so simple…

Type the URL instead in the address bar, not in the search bar.

And, If you want a closer look at the instructions, please watch this video to finish office 365 setup.

Start your Office 365 Subscription

Cheers 😃

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