SpeakAdvice offers a pro-activate security support via Email and Chat with Experts who can help you solve Customer Service and Technical problems related to your Antivirus, throughout the week.

Our integrity is in being honest to you and if you work with us, we will with all sincerity respect your time and provide an expert answer virtually to every question you ask us.

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Get help to solve one (1) incident for $44 or up-to three (3) incidents for $84. ( With minimal onboarding process )

How we provide Security Support ?

You can speak with our Advisors through Email, Chat or Call to receive simple and hassle-free support for fixing your Antivirus issues.

And, you can also submit a support request form below to have someone get in touch with you but If you are a member in need of urgent support, please call on our Toll-Free Number ( +1 800-464-5480 ), anytime between MondaySaturday 7am to 2am EST.

—Knowledge-base/ Articles/ and Scam Response

You can do most of the things on your own, and this is why we write to be very clear about how to do most of the things yourself, and be efficient at solving annoying technical/ customer service related problems,

And most importantly protect yourself from the Scams happening all over the world.

—Technical/ Customer Support queries

If you want our help, you can subscribe to our paid plan to solve problems.

We will provide you with the relevant information you need to be productive and even get in touch with the companies on your behalf to solve your Technical or Customer Service Issues.


We will open our support window via Phone Call, Support Ticket or a Simple Chat Session to advise you and we also make use of the Zoom application to continue advising and supporting you until you find the solution. ( Including but not limited to the Session recording upon request )

For small business advisory and consulting support, we have simple plans to support your efforts, starting from $99 to $399 ( Business Support ).

For Cloud Application Security Support, please refer to the Cloud Support resources ( coming soon ).

Important Note: We are not affiliated with any Security Software Manufacturers, In fact we are a new company and we do know that how important it is to establish trust with our customer, and this is why we exercise transparency through the content on our website.