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The solution to solve Norton Error 8504, 104 is very easy and if you follow the instructions in this article, then you’ll be productive in minutes, not hours.

Plus, we’ll make sure that this article is simple and clear so that anyone can Solve Norton Error 8504, 104 on a Windows Computer by following the troubleshooting steps written below.

And if at anytime, you feel that you need someone to do it for you, please initiate the chat session with an experienced Advisor or submit a support request.

So, let’s begin.

How to Fix Norton Error 8504, 104 ?

This error can be caused by another Security or Incompatible Software or the missing installation files when your Norton Security is being updated or upgraded to a newer version,

And you may be able to fix this problem in the first troubleshooting step itself.

—Run Norton Remove & Reinstall Tool

If you are using a Norton Family product, then you need to uninstall Norton Family manually before using Norton Remove and Reinstall tool from the Control Panel.

Once done, follow the instructions below;

Keep in mind that on some browsers, the files are automatically saved in the default location which could be either Downloads or Documents.

And once you have located the file, CLICK/ Double Click to run the Installation and follow the instructions below to complete the process.

  1. Agree with Terms.
  2. Click on Advanced Options. 
  3. Select Remove Only and Click Remove
  4. Click Restart when prompted.
  5. After computer Restarts, Follow the On-Screen Instructions to reinstall Norton.

By the end of this troubleshooting step, it’s possible that the Norton Error will be gone and you may be able to use your computer again.

However, If the problem still persists, then you can continue with the next troubleshooting step.

—Remove Non-Symantec Security or Unknown Softwares.

Sometimes, other softwares could create conflict and cause errors. So, we need to identify them and remove them manually.

You can remove the conflicting softwares or Non-Symantec products from the control panel and the following video will guide you through the entire process but if you are good with troubleshooting technical issues on your own and identifying whether any software installed on your computer is good or bad by verifying the publisher authority, you can skip the video and remove them manually by following the instructions below.

  • Go to Control Panel and open Programs and Features

Hold the Windows keyand Presskey, to open the Run dialog box.

run command
run command

And type the following command to open the Control Panel.

  • Select the non-Symantec security softwares, and then Uninstall or Remove.
  • Also, remove Softwares from Unknown publishers as they could be the originating source of problems.

Once done, verify if the Norton is working without showing any signs of errors or problems.

And, if the problem is still there, continue with the next step to install some system updates.

—Update Graphics and other System Drivers.

In order to run everything on your computer smoothly, it’s important to update all the system drivers.

So, we advice that you to follow the instructions below;

Again, Hold the Windows keyand Presskey, to open the Run dialog box.

run command
run command

Type in the following text, and then press Enter.


It will open device manager and you’ll need to identify outdated drivers.

  • In the Device Manager window, double-click on Display adapters.
  • Right-click on the HD graphics card, and select Properties.
  • On the Driver tab, check whether the graphics card driver is outdated or current.

Device Manager - Drivers
Don’t Uninstall

If the drivers are outdated, then you’ll need to download the latest update and install the latest version of the graphics card driver.

You can either use the Free Driver Updater Tool or Select your graphics card manufacturer and download the driver to install manually:

Please check others drivers that might require update.

Once done, Restart your computer and start Norton to check if the issue has been resolved.

If you still have problems with Norton, then we suggest getting in touch with Norton Official Support on or hire our Advisors to help you solve these technical problems

Thanks :)

Let us know in the comments below if you are still need any help or would like us to update this article.

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