How to Identify Fake Norton Support on Google and Bing?

If you are looking for Norton Support, the chances are, that you will encounter fraudsters who run aggressive marketing campaigns across the Search Engines and Social Media platforms to scam people.

Technical Support Scam is a highly profitable multi-million dollar business and Fake Norton Support is like whip cream on pan cakes with cherries and blueberries for teenagers and millennials from third-world countries.

Norton Support
Norton Support Scam

Today, Everyone depends on the Internet to search for Information but with marketing tactics and free learning resources it has become so much easier for the scammers to misrepresent the information on the web.

So, My aim is simple, help people Identify these scams and hope that you’d share this post with others who can avoid giving away their sensitive data to the fraudsters.

And I’ll do my best to keep this post simple enough to understand.

Let’s get started…

Identifying Fake Norton Support

In this article, you will learn how False Information about Norton Support is spread through the Search Engines like Google, Bing, and Social Media sites like Facebook, Youtube and many other channels.

Most importantly, how to identify these scams and defend yourself from the scammers.

First off, let’s begin with the two simple questions to understand the problem?

Q? How do people search for Information ?

Search Engines like Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go…

Norton Support Keyword on Google
Norton Support Keyword on Google

Q? What do customers usually search ?

Norton Support, Norton Phone Number, Norton Setup or Activate, Norton Support Chat, Norton Technical Support related queries.

Fake Norton Setup Search Listings

Scammers mostly use websites that Search Engines Identify as trustworthy with ability to rank faster: Reddit, Youtube, Pinterest and more…

Take a look at these examples;

First the Scammers post Spammy Content and then add links to their websites on Social Media Platforms to organically appear on Google or Bing Search results faster.

Fake Norton Technical Support Phone Numbers
Fake Norton Technical Support Phone Numbers

Now, after putting lots of efforts, you’ll see that it appears on Top, if you look at the Bing Search Results for a specific keyword “Norton Technical Support”.

Fake Norton Technical Support Listings
Fake Norton Technical Support

Furthermore, you’ll see that these Technical flaws in Search Engines provide long lasting rankings to the Fraudsters instead of Identifying Spam.

These listings remain on Google and Bing for a very long time even if they are reported and removed from the Original Source, like Reddit, Facebook or Pinterest.

Fake Nortonn Customer Support Listing on Bing
Fake Norton Customer Support

The problem is not that we heavily depend on the Search Engines but it is that we don’t do much to make people aware about how to stay protected online.

How would an elderly person know that this is Scam? b’coz when Scammers speak, they speak very wisely.

Furthermore, there are adwares on millions of computers that redirect the search query to the advertisers, and if the search query is related to a product running on a computer then you’ll encounter Tech Support Scammers.

The solution to this problem is simple.

3 Ways to avoid Fake Norton Scammers

While we know that Fraudsters will always find new ways to Scam, we can still do our best to educate each other, especially elderly people.

Let’s get to it then…

— Don’t Trust Your Search Engine

As you know now that the Scammers post incorrect information on the web to manipulate the rankings on Search Engines, its always a good idea to visit the official website for updated information related to Norton Security.

Always remember, machines don’t have the brain so don’t trust anything that is thrown at your way.

Sometimes Scammers manage to get their Ad campaign on Google and Bing approved with lots of Techniques. So, always make sure to check the URL. If it is not Norton, then its a Fraud.

As I mentioned earlier that Fraudsters are using trusted domains to post Spam Content, you’d be surprised to know that they love using Google Sites ( Check Next Section👇🏾 for the Screenshots ) to manipulate search results on Google itself.

—Always go to the Official Website.

There is so much competition among the Tech Support Scammers for getting their website to rank for Norton Product Activation on Google.

So, When people type or in Google, they land on the fake websites.

Norton Support Activation
Norton Activation Scam

It’s such a pity that Google and Bing cannot do much to solve this problem because they have created a huge platform which requires businesses to work hard to rank on their platforms.

And with so many free learning resources, scammers know how to build a successful tech support campaign.

—Don’t Respond to the Product Renewal Emails

In recent times, scammers have managed to accumulate lot of data which they use for Email Blasting.

Email blasting is a new marketing technique adapted by the Scammers to deceive and lure thousands of people into calling for Customer Support or even buy the actual product from Norton.

Norton Affilaite Scam

While, Norton also sends product renewal emails but they can be easily verified by checking the sender information.

And you can always go to to manage your subscriptions.

However, you will see that Scammers send out Rogue emails and use some Scare Tactics to make users feel Vulnerable about the state of their devices and accounts.

Thanks for making it to the end 🙂

There are many more ways to protect yourself from the Technical Support Scammers who’ll always come off as Good Samaritans but are actually wolves in sheep’s clothing, out there to hunt.

If you’ve liked this article, please share it with others however you’d prefer.

Cheers 🍻

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